About INLA:

The International Nuclear Law Association (INLA), a non-profitable private international association, was established in December 1970, in Brussels. Its first Congress was held in Karlsruhe, Germany in September 1973. After almost 40 years of existence, INLA has about 550 members spread over the world. INLA Congresses have been held in over 20 countries around the world since 1973. Delegates profile varies from nuclear law specialists, Government Representatives, Senior Energy Executives and Academics.

Mission of the International Nuclear Law Association (INLA)

The Association’s objectives are the promotion and the pursuit, on an international level, of studies and knowledge of legal issues related to the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, with a focus on protecting persons, property and the environment; the exchange of information between members of the Association ; and scientific co-operation with other organizations having similar objectives.

INLA organizes meetings, congresses, debates, lectures, conferences and seminars, and produces and participates in the production of scientific publications.

INLA has several Working Groups dealing with Safety & Regulation, Nuclear Liability and Insurance, International Nuclear Trade & New Build, Radiological Protection, Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation, Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear Transportation.

  • Jacques LAVOIE, President (UAE)
  • Ahab ABDEL-AZIZ (Canada)
  • Marc BEYENS (Belgium)
  • Abide GÜLEL (Turkey
  • Ulrike FELDMANN (Germany)
  • Mark HERLACH (USA)
  • Yrki JAVANAINEN (Finland)
  • Vanda LAMM (Hungary)
  • Marc LEGER (France)
  • Sara MACIEL (Mexico)
  • Rafael MANOVIL (Argentina)
  • Toyohiro NOMURA (Japan)
  • Els REYNAERS (India)
  • Santiago RIPOL (Spain)
  • Ian SALTER (UK)
  • Wolfram TONHAUSER (IAEA)
  • Patrick REYNERS, Secretary General

If you need further information on INLA, then please do not hesitate to contact :

Administrative Secretary
Telephone: 32 2 547 58 41
E-mail: brigitte@aidn-inla.be
INLA Website: www.aidn-inla.be