Congress Papers:

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Please note: Papers will be uploaded by Monday 29th October 2018.

  1. Radioactive Waste Management Session
  2. New Nuclear Build
  3. Nuclear Liability and Insurance Session
  4. Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation Session
  5. Radiation Protection Session
  6. Nuclear Transport Session
  7. International Nuclear Cooperation Session
  8. Nuclear Safety & Regulation Session

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CONGRESS PAPER TITLES AUTHORS Paper available for Download
1 Radioactive Wate Management Session
1.1 International Cooperation in Nuclear – Sustainability, Excellence and Innovation Graham Alty and Andrew Carr DOWNLOAD
1.2 International co-operation in radioactive waste management Jakub Handrlica DOWNLOAD
1.3 Le démantèlement des INB ou le nouveau défi de l’industrie nucléaire Laurence Chabanne-Pouzynin DOWNLOAD
1.4 Public Participation in Site Selection procedures for Waste Repositories: Comparison of Legal Frameworks and Practices Nuria Prieto Serrano & Working Group 5 DOWNLOAD
1.5 International Harmonisation of the Definitions for Radioactive Wastes – The Current Differences, The Problems This Presents and The Achievability of Harmonisation Helen Peters DOWNLOAD
2 New Nuclear Build Session
2.1 Managing Disputes in the Nuclear Sector Charlotte  Bijlani DOWNLOAD
2.2 Nuclear EPC Solutions – Unlocking Effective Construction Risk Allocation to Support Bankable Nuclear Power Projects Alex Cosgrove DOWNLOAD
3 Nuclear Liability and Insurance Session
3.1 Canada’s New Nuclear Civil Liability Regime Key Features and Implementation Jamie Fairchild DOWNLOAD
3.2 How has TEPCO compensated nuclear damage in Fukushima accident Masato Dogauchi DOWNLOAD
3.3 Examination of the Continued Viability of the Channeling Principle, taking into account recent Issues raised by the Treatment of the “Right of Recourse” in Certain National Laws Ben McRae
3.4 Legal regimes deviating from the principles of the international nuclear TPL conventions Marc Beyens, Marc Fallon and Denis Philippe DOWNLOAD
3.5 Problems of Liability for Mental Distress in Fukushima Julius Weitzdörfer DOWNLOAD
3.6 Is Channeling at Risk? Helena Kazamaki
3.7 State Liability in Nuclear Safety Administration Ryoko Kusumi DOWNLOAD
3.8 The Role of Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Corporation in the Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident Masato Dogauchi DOWNLOAD
4 Nuclear Security and Non-Proliferation Session
4.1 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Kathryn Rauhut DOWNLOAD
5 Radiation Protection Session
5.1 A Practitioners View of Radiation and the Law Roger Coates DOWNLOAD
5.2 Experience from the INEX-5 Exercises Olvido Guzmán López-Ocón DOWNLOAD
5.3 Improvement of Cuban Legislation – A new stage of nuclear law in Cuba Ivonne Gonzalez DOWNLOAD
5.4 International Legal Framework on the Management of Disused Radioactive Sources Cristina Dominguez DOWNLOAD
5.5 Low Dose Radiation and The Million Worker Study Sanders Mark and Charlotta DOWNLOAD
5.6 Modern emergency planning and response – leassons learned after Fukushima Toshimitsu Homma DOWNLOAD
6 Nuclear Transport Session
6.1 Perspective of a UK nuclear site operator Tracy Murray DOWNLOAD
6.2 Licensing & Design Process of a Nuclear Transport Package – Regulatory Requirements & Challenges Jennifer Nugent DOWNLOAD
7 International Nuclear Cooperation Session
7.1 A Strategic Plan for Europe and the MENA Rrgion to further Cooperation Sustainablility and Innovation in the Nuclear Field Karoly Tamas OLAJOS DOWNLOAD
7.2 Carem Reactor – An Innovative and Achievable Option for Enhancing Nuclear Energy Supply Lucila Molina DOWNLOAD
7.3 Exiting Euratom Stephen Tromans and Ian Truman DOWNLOAD
7.4 Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the Emerging Markets – The Mexican Case Sara Maciel Sanchez DOWNLOAD
7.5 The Impact of EU Law on Implementation of State Aid Measures, aso, Tomasz Winnicki DOWNLOAD
8 Nuclear Safety & Regulation Session
8.1 A Study on the State of Judicial Review for Nuclear Safety Regulation in Japan Masaaki Hori DOWNLOAD
8.2 License Renewal in the US Kimberly Nick DOWNLOAD
8.3 Long-term operation of NPP and Public participation Fiona Geoffroy DOWNLOAD
8.4 The Impact of the Major Nuclear Plant Accidents on the Legal Framework for Safety and Regulation Stephen Burns DOWNLOAD
8.5 Role of the Compliance Function within Enec Nuclear  Framework Barry Miller DOWNLOAD